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I had an RTT session with Sungee for issues around self esteem. Thanks to Sungee I gained valuable insight into the core beliefs I had subconsciously created. With the addition of a fabulous transformational recording I am excited by my new positive belief systems. Sungee is very attentive to needs and his soothing calm approach is very reassuring and beneficial. I absolutely recommend working with Sungee.
- Jodi

Sungee is such an amazing person with healing abilities. His presence is calming and comfortable, and I was able to fully trust him during our session. The calming voice, his caring nature and his awesome techniques to re-program my mind made my experience very enjoyable. After our session he have been contacting me frequently with helpful information and quesions to assist in my healing journey. He really cares and have supported me all along. My life have completely changed for the better after our sessions. I am beyond grateful for the postive impact it have created in my life. I would whole-heartedly recommend him to anyone who wants any kind of change in their lives, its a very powerful and magic experience.
Anna Jefremova

The moment I met Sungee I felt completely at ease.
He showed empathy and understanding throughout our session and this allowed me to open up and allow myself to be vulnerable.
The breath work we did was also amazing. it gave me a sense of lightness and calmness I had not felt for a long time.
I would highly recommend Sungee as a therapist if you are seeking to make changes in your life.

The time i have spent with you has been a true gift.
you have helped me enormously with my self confidence
i have learned so much about myself and am healing more everyday.
thank you forever anna-lena

"Being myself a lifelong, passionate explorer and advocate of breathwork and now a student of Holotropic Breathwork specifically, I feel such a deep gratitude for being introduced to Soma Breathwork by Sungee.. Having experienced many different breathwork styles and modalities in the past.. and many epic group sessions of a great healing power, I can honestly say, I feel that being introduced to Soma Breathwork by Sungee is such a blessing and quite a life-changer for me.. The heavenly music, specially designed to evoke higher states of consciousness and deep inner healing and transformation, sounds like a true bliss, powerfully resonating through the whole body.. And Sungee's humble, yet powerful presence, his ability to hold space and guide you through the whole amazing journey within.. His capacity to feel into the process and give the right amount of encouragement and guidance, is absolutely outstanding.. Although he sort of always does the same, and the breathing technique is the same every time too, somehow each session is so different and always phenomenal!
Having now deeper understanding of the importance of choosing the right guide for one's inner process, someone who can hold space for all the different aspects of our whole multidimensional being coming to the surface, to be embraced and integrated.. I can sincerely recommend Sungee's breathwork to anyone who is ready to connect with and embody their deeper, higher and more powerful aspects of themselves.. The few sessions I've experienced so far, felt beyond what words could describe.. Each uniquely wonderful.. and each time I felt such an indescribable Bliss.. a profound peace and grace.. deep gratitude and immense inner power.. I felt safe, held and supported well enough, so I could surrender to my inner Healer, dive deep within and fly high.. to receive all the healing, messages and insights I needed in each moment.. And thanks God Sungee also takes the time and extra care to help you land back in your physical body fully and safely, and to integrate all that you've experienced really well!
I am feeling so grateful for each single session I've had so far.. they were all just fabulous.. and I just can't wait for more..!

Thank you, Sungee and Soma Breathwork for all the blessings I've received!


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