I had an RTT session with Sungee for issues around self esteem. Thanks to Sungee I gained valuable insight into the core beliefs I had subconsciously created. With the addition of a fabulous transformational recording I am excited by my new positive belief systems. Sungee is very attentive to needs and his soothing calm approach is very reassuring and beneficial. I absolutely recommend working with Sungee.
- Jodi

Sungee is such an amazing person with healing abilities. His presence is calming and comfortable, and I was able to fully trust him during our session. The calming voice, his caring nature and his awesome techniques to re-program my mind made my experience very enjoyable. After our session he have been contacting me frequently with helpful information and quesions to assist in my healing journey. He really cares and have supported me all along. My life have completely changed for the better after our sessions. I am beyond grateful for the postive impact it have created in my life. I would whole-heartedly recommend him to anyone who wants any kind of change in their lives, its a very powerful and magic experience.
Anna Jefremova

The moment I met Sungee I felt completely at ease.
He showed empathy and understanding throughout our session and this allowed me to open up and allow myself to be vulnerable.
The breath work we did was also amazing. it gave me a sense of lightness and calmness I had not felt for a long time.
I would highly recommend Sungee as a therapist if you are seeking to make changes in your life.

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